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January 14, 2014


Ex-lover stole and cursed my panties!

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I can not pronounce MMETJA so I'll just call her Olivia Newton John.

Men just love having and putting their hands all over women's underwear. The sexier the better.

I wonder if CBS knows somebody is using their logo...

I think he stole her bra, too.

(guys - don't look - you've been warned - just let the frail vision live in your brain - don't ruin it with reality)

You warned me, Annie. Did I listen? neeeooooooo.

Maybe Morena had a Limpopo IYKWIM.

Curses, defiled again.

Oh, settle down. At least he didn't eat your shorts.

Don't they have a Victoria's Secret or Walmart in Limpopo?

...or even just a store that sells paper bags?

If he stole 9 of her panties...must really have a
fetish for used women's undies....

Sounds like she needs to visit Dr. Mojambow, who
was mentioned on a recent Addams Family rerum I saw...

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