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January 08, 2014


Diapers in dump truck trigger radioactive alarms

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and John Gregg)


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Radioactive Diapers WBAGNFAPRB.

Make that Radioactive ADULT Diapers..

Is Dieter Jonas the lost Jonas brother..?

Guess that's why they call it a dump truck

Is it safe yet? Depends ....

As a mother of three, two of which were in diapers at the same time, this does not surprise me at all.

Right, nursecindy. Parents totally get this. Especially after a jar of Gerber liver.

Richard - The RD's could open for Hole, Tool, or the BH Surfers. They could also redo The Safari's classic: Wipeout

And who hasn't been in a nightclub when that song comes on? The entire place stops and drums along.

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