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January 20, 2014


Pretty soon I'll be going on a book tour that will cover the ENTIRE NATION except for large chunks of it.


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You're not appearing in Pig Sty Utah on your tour? That's 3 less books you will sell.

Wouldn't it be easier if Dave just came to Amazon?

Dear Dave

Hello.My good friend!!!
Very happy to get you're information from your website. Hope you everything goes well.

You Can Date Boys When Your Forty, Dave Barry?
please to check with colleges on Parenting and Other Tropics.

Louisville Public Library is so great, they have a branch in St. Louis

Wouldn't it be ironic if Sophie went out on a date while Dave was on tour?

Heh-heh...ok, maybe not.

I think Dave only comes to Idaho to fish. We read too! (Mostly books about fishing)

I can't wait to buy the book but I never see that you come to Michigan for a book signing. So if you ever come back again like later this year for SAY radiothon I will bring the new book with me so you Dave can finally autograph one of your books for me.

Can't help noticing once again that Dave's northern stops are restricted to cities where one never actually goes out of doors (including taxi doors, of course).

I am sure New Zealand was omitted because the Eagle has landed, and by landed, we mean crashed to the floor of the Wellington airport because of yesterday's earthquake. Even so, Dave, come on down. Earthquakes are way safer than Miami.

Are these book tour itineraries getting weirder? There's Costco Boca Raton, where Dave will be asked at least 50 times to "speak up." His table will be conveniently located next to the pharmacy, where he'll sign his books, along with the occasional bottle of Viagra.

Then its off to the west coast, where he'll visit "A Great Good Place For Books," which also happens to be a great good place for English teachers to commit suicide. Next, he'll travel through a Book Passage to reach an auto parts store in Yountville. What?

The worst though, are the appearances in our nation's capital, where Dave will be confronted by endless lines of former student council presidents. He doesn't get paid enough.

Godspeed, and send us a postcard.

Dave really wanted to visit Los Angeles, but we graciously gave up our spot on the tour so he could spend more time with his family.*

*Since that is where he seems to get his best material.

I can bring my son to Louisville or St.Louis if Sophie wants to hang out with a 14-year-old soccer player.

I guess I'm going to be taking another road trip to Atlanta.

Boogers. Flying over us again. I blame the Polar Vortex, who opened for The Fifth Dimension in 1969.

Whoa. I might be within a couple of hours of Louisville in March.

So The Blog will be in Louisville and St. Louis, but how about St. Louse?

Dave is wisely skipping Ann Arbor, since he reads news media and therefore is aware of the forty feet of snow we got are surely going to get any minute now in a universe-ending catastrophe of at least somewhat epic proportions. Really.

No Southern California stops? Honest, people actually can (and do!) read here, contrary to the image shown to the rest of the nation.

Holy Cow, D, you go to the Evil california and the Hated seattle, but fly over us in Portland, HOME of the greatest bookstore eva, Powell's City of Books, what up?
AND dude I saw you at Duff Beer, we have real serious beer here.
Oh and Houston instead of us, that is cold , man...

Seattle! Wasn't there a TV show or something? I am going to see Dave, March 11th. It's only 100 miles.

Dave wrote a book? Pretty soon he will have his own blog.... No Wait.

(Pre-ordered the book)

Dave's schedulers have him appearing within two easy reach locations for me. (Sorry, folks, I didn't schedule these ....)

I must be doing something right. Danged if I can figure out what, though ....

Yeah, he totally missed Kansas City, and we do read.
At least half of us do.

SO another two dozen thousand book sales missed....

Come visit the City of Fountains. We have the Plaza (european-influenced shopping area), Mid-Mex food, Strawberry Hill's ethnic treats, great barbacue,
A zoo that makes Central Park look Safe small, and the worlds easist
bland airport to get in and out of!!!

PS I forgot to mention Lamar's Donuts. They are the world's best donuts. Ask any cop here! They alone might be worth a trip!!!

Dave's packing list.

Blue shirt.
Blue shirt.
Blue shirt.
Cheez-it's Costo sized.
Blue shirt.
Mac notebook.
pre-composed firing letter for Judy/prepaid envelope.
fake ZZ Top beard.
disappearing ink pen for specific signing obligations.
Roger Mcguin

No pants?

Here is a suggested check list for you diaper bag:. Thanks to home shopping you can certainly purchase those things in the comfort and ease of your house.

Why can't we just let kids be kids, put them in sturdy clothes that they can get dirty, and not worry about.

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