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January 22, 2014


Giant snowball fight breaks out in Washington, D.C. after snowfall

(Thanks to The Perts)


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POW! There are no filibusters in snowball fights. POW!

Get ready for the Polar VorTax.

"a storm dumped 28 centimetres of snow in the Washington area". 28 cm = a little over 11 in. The report they linked to said "11 inches of snowfall in some parts of the mid-Atlantic region" but only 7-8 in the DC area. Mighty sloppy reporting.

Actually, it looked like only half that in my DC suburb, thank goodness.

N. Korea & dicto-friends are running this story with the subtitle - "Rioting in Washington- angry proletariat pummel political god idols with cold white rice dumplings. Unmanned ice drones (snowmen) used to spy on mobs."

Lawsuits will abound.

Some of the ammo needed serious help.

Ah, who hasn't felt the joy (?) of an errant snowball going right down his neck as he bent over for supplies?
My Florida grandson, for one. However, I did show him that beach sand, if mixed with just the right amount of water, could be formed into a smallish "sandball" and thrown.
Results were somewhat unfortunate.

Reports that the Democrats had gotten Mitch McConnell down and stuffed snow in his shorts were not confirmed, unfortunately. Photos of Nancy Pelosi lying on her back, making a snow angel were quickly deleted from her Facebook page.

We may be having some snowball fights here in NC in the next few days. Last night our weather guy said he would let us know when the cold snap would end. I'm thinking it will end in April but I could be wrong.

Nancy can only make Snow devils.

I never thought I'd say this, but send the Biebs to Washington. So he can be fiercely pummeled by malformed snowballs.

And thank you to Miami PD.

Planned on social media? Planned on social media?? In MY day, snowball fights were spontaneous like God intended. Goldurned whippersnappers.

Looks like the police got smart and butted out this time. The last time they tried this dumbass cops tried to break it up.

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