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January 22, 2014


But not today.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Lee Daniels?

"At your service ...."

(Still my all-time favorite: the Fordham Lady Rams).

Long ago, and in that neighborhood, my grandma had a cousin who lived there, her name was (ISIANMTU!!!) Fanny Pratt ...

The butler did it?

I'm still hoping for the dream NCAA Football matchup of University of South Carolina and Oregon State.

HEY, MEANIE - I was a Fordham Lady Ram...I sat the benchplayed on their basketball team. So watch the commentary, mister bigshot.

(I transferred to SUNY Albany, aka the Albany Great Danes.)

So yeah, still in therapy.

Ewe still my friend, Annie?

Hey, "Lady Rams" is an oxymoron, and it's funny in my opinion. Disagree with that if you like, but I wasn't demeaning the team or the school, just the name. There are many dumb names for teams (male and female), some of them actually offensive, but this particular one strikes me as especially ironic for a learned academic institution.

If you look at it a little deeper, why should any women's team be named the "Lady" version of a male team representing the same institution ("Lady Beavers", "Lady Vols", "Lady (whatevers)", etc.)? Seems rather sexist.

It is sexist, absolutely, and reminds me of a recent comment by a pufgy white politician about a "lady mayor." Like she was a circus act or something.

But not today.

Hey, I agree!
You can't help getting older, but you can stay immature.

Time to watch "Remains of the day" again.

Heywood (great name by the way)

I'd pay to see a game between the Game Cocks and the Beavers, just to hear the announcers say.

"The Cocks have scored on the Beavers."

(In a loud, aristocratic voice)

Lord and Lady Beavers!

I was thinking the same thing MikeyVA. I would definitely watch that game.


I'll be there would be competition to see who got to announce this game. They would have to wear Depends to keep from soiling the announcer booth if they got to say things like:

"The Cocks have scored on the Beavers"

"The Cocks have come to play."

The Beavers are protecting their centers."

Mr. Carson!! Mrs. Hughes!! How COULD you?!?...

I always figured it would be professor Plum...

Upstairs, downstairs.

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