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January 09, 2014


A type of cooling underwear that basically uses ice packs for "scrotal cooling".

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Gives new meaning to "freezing my balls off".

I always thought "wedges" or "wedgees" were bad things!

One word: Ow!

A bunch of words: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! and Brrr!

"Snowballs" is a vulgar name but it was either that or "Shrinkage."

I'm just curious about a couple of things. Do guys generally sit around thinking about how to help their sperm better swimmers? Do they discuss this with their buddies during football game halftimes?

Actually, yes.

It needs to be adjustaball.

Poor timing for product introduction, though. These days most people are looking for heated undies, not chillin' willies.

Yes, Nursecindy, we do. And we won't mention what goes on at the professional racing events. Also, didn't Scrotal Cooling open for the Moody Blues in '68?

The cooler pack could also render first aid in the event of an Atomic Wedgie.


The more correct term is "private change".

this explains why our world is in this gigantic mess. and i dont mean polar vortexes.

'The idea behind the underwear is that tests of men with fertility problems tend to "be naturally warmer by an average of over one degree Celsius".

umm, isn't that suppose to be 'testEs' ?

sheesh - i'm picturing a tongue stuck to a flagpole . . .

I generally just dip them in the snow.

It's a lot cheaper.

I'm in favor of upward motility.

Possibly related story: Giant Ice Balls

Bill Clinton would still be President if he'd had one of these to control his Johnson.

Scrotal Cooling is a worldwide environmental problem that demands a serious global response.

Rocks on the rocks.

Ahma need a dozen.

I guess I travel in different circles than wiredog and Hammond Rye.

Me and Hammy are a classy crew, Scott.

Rocks on the rocks.

So lets start using "polar vortex" meaning either
a "private parts" cooling, or a massive cold front...
(same thing either way)....

I can see the commercials now.
"Hey. Mac, how's your polar vortex?"

You commenters are mocking a very serious condition. Hot Testes is listed in DSM5 and is second only to global cooling as a condition that embarrasses men. The CDC says Hot Testes may cause worldwide unpopulation and non-copulation by 2020.

ignore this

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