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January 07, 2014


One is a modified Kia Soul hatchback that showcases a new technology called "engine sound enhancement." In its most basic form, it's a soundtrack that plays a simulation of the engine both inside the car and for people on the outside through speakers.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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By golly back in my day we made these sounds the old fashioned way. We went vroooom, vrooom. Occasionally, if I was feeling particularly dangerous, I would add the sound of tires squealing.

This is how I saw the headline at first glance

Automakers work with BlackBerry's QNX to develop synthetic pathetic engine sounds

Is the soundtrack hamster-driven?

Tastes like chicken.

Played backwards, it says,"Nobody wants to steal my Soul."

Automakers don't want drivers to know that something is wrong with their engines, so they want a noise to mask problems? What could possibly go wrong?

Can they just give it a big, loud yawning sound?

Kia! More exciting than a Prius!

The day is coming of the the totally silent car.
Soon they will also drive themselves.

Guys love noise, so what's a guy gonna do? Wreck the car? Maybe...

I'm waiting for the Kia Soul with the screaming hamsters hyped upto 188 decibels...(louder than a jet engine)...

It's quite strange to drive an electric car - you can hear the wind going past, and the engines of other cars. It's like something's missing.

That said, I'm keeping my V-8.

Seriously? No one here ever heard of this before? Old news. Cheaper and easier than a timed exhaust.

When do we get simulated playing cards in the spokes?

Really, we have arrived at full on, limp, bloodless mediocrity.

"The technology utilizes speech recognition...."

"F*ck you, asshole!"


Playing the sound inside the car seems kinda dumb, but playing it outside is useful to people like my blind friend who cane-travels a lot by himself. Electric cars are so quiet that he's concerned about crossing streets these days.

And wouldn't you know, his wife went out and bought a Prius.

While I can hear ok, I was crossing a one-way small street a while back, and of course, I looked ONLY in the direction of traffic as I crossed, about half way across I hear a small TOOT at my hip, and see a Prius going the wrong way and about to run me down.

The Future Sucks, looking at you fancy Tech dirtbags [googy/facybook/microstuff etc] that let the dang gov spy on us. You idiots had the world of goodness in your hands and you pissed on it and us. If you were real men and women you would walk away in shame. But you are not. Snowman rocks!

What I want is the optional Baby Crying in The Seat Behind Yours to play next time I fly.
But the price is sky-high.

I guess some men have penises that aren't loud enough.

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