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January 26, 2014


Teacher brought marijuana-laced food to after-work potluck

(Thanks to Jon Harris, Jay Brandes and Loudmouth) 


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I'm sure it was a simple mix-up. These are for the potluck and these are for after a long day with the grade-schoolers.

some of us would say that's putting the luck in potluck

not sayin' who

jes' sayin'

High school teachers.

This lady's gonna give pot-smoking elementary school teachers a bad name.

If I had a nickel ....

It does well as a seasoning in spaghetti and chili.
Or so I've heard.

Where were teachers like that when I was in school?

Much better to use cookie dough and split it -only add ganja to one portion. Then use M&Ms on top to color code them- traditionally green M&Ms indicates the 'Colorado cookies.'

And while I have baked this for Dave, I did not load it with funny buds, since Sophie was there.

This concludes your cooking lesson of the day.

"Marijuana-laced" is the opposite of "straight-laced".

If this were legal in CA....I wonder what the charges would have been ? Then there's the extenuating circumstances of having to teach todays children.

I agree with mm. Should have saved it for "professional development" day.

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