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January 07, 2014


Fargo Man Arrested For Clearing Snow With Flamethrower

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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What, are ALL the cops in Fargo women?

We ,ight as well shred the Constitution right now and be done with it.

I am shocked (shocked!) that you-know-what wasn't mentioned or involved.

Mr. Fox was heard to say, "Here, hold my beer" before unleashing holy hell upon the mountain of ice. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, flamethrower.

I'm quite sad, boo-hoo, that it's 70 degrees here so we can't make use of this.

i thought everyone there did that.

When I come home tonight, I'll have to ask "Honey, where is the flamethrower?" and see how the family reacts.

Y'all know that this is a hoax, right? ("Most articles are a product of my imagination.")

YOU try to live in Fargo and maintain your sanity.

Key quote from the About page:

FM Observer provides satirical and sometimes true, news and entertainment of the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas as well as nationally. We are the greatest website you will ever visit in your entire human existence.

Da Man.

This has got to be fake. Nobody would ever get arrested for using a flamethrower in NoDak. Not just for snow removal, for ANYthing.

Can I use his flamethrower while he's away?

the man should start up a biz, 'snow gone in 30 seconds', Bet he makes some dough.

You're supposed to pile the snow up so dogs can pee on it; sheesh!

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