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January 08, 2014


David Beckham's nearly naked body will be a major fixture in this year's Super Bowl. The soccer star will be running around in a pair of H&M briefs (which, in a new marketing twist, you'll be able to buy directly with your remote).

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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This is disgraceful! How dare he! What time does the Super Bowl start this year?

so . . . once we buy them . . . he'll just be running around in a pair of shoes?

Yay for football! Yay for big sweaty guys dancing in jeggings in the endzone. But I can't imagine David's wife, Velveeta, being happy about this. She's generally not happy about anything.

OK, everyone stop what they're doing and look around. Check under the couch cushions and the couch. Go out and look in the car.
Mr. Beckham has misplaced his dignity and really needs it back.

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