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January 28, 2014


Man fights off shark, stitches up own leg, goes to the pub

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby, Steven Pudlo and Craig Roberts)


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Crikey! Svengali shark nips at doctor, doctor nicks shark. Film at 11.

Grant gave himself stitches using a first aid kit he kept in his vehicle for pig hunts

So, in case he just wounds the pig...?

He and his friends then went to the Colac Bay Tavern, where he was given a bandage because he was dripping blood on the floor.
So if he hadn't been dripping blood no one would've noticed.

I'm surprised he didn't use a stapler - then I suppose that's what an Aussi would do.

Well, where do YOU go when you want expert medical advice?

He din't have any Duck (tm) Tape in the kit, eh?

I suspect this man was Jack Bauer, using an alias. HES BACK!!!!!!!

I wonder if NZ has a good Samaritan law? Otherwise, he's at risk of suing himself for malpractice.

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