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January 09, 2014


According to surveillance video uncovered by police, the suspect rammed a Ford Freestyle station wagon with Connecticut plates into the store entrance several times, breaking the glass.  The man entered the store, where he took a banana from a shelf, ate it and then exited the store.

(Thanks to Gargoyle Socks, who says: "Totally worth it. Have you seen the price of bananas lately?") (Also thanks to Ralph)


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If you are going to shatter a store window to steal food, at least take something that is low carb.

Dude should have gone to Trader joe for cheap bananas.


Tarzan does not seem to have aged well.

yes they have no banananananas..

Connecticut is a good place to hide a vehicle with Connecticut plates.

Maybe there's a big mysterious story behind this ? Maybe the BBC will do a Sherlock Holmes story "The Case of the Burgled Banana". One can hope there is meaning in life.

Stealing bananas often enough, while unappeeling to most, would make you a 'regular' thief.

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