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January 14, 2014


That's all we know about it.



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And what is an'extra large snack shack'?

For extra credit, post a thought balloon for the poodle.

Looks like just the thing to wear while peeling those potatoes http://blogs.herald.com/.a/6a00d83451587d69e201a510e0c1f5970c-pi

Channeling "Top Gun":

♫ Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go

Highway to the Danger Zone
Ride into the Danger Zone!... ♪

(and yes, I'll need an extra-large, please...)

The action zone is patented???? Uh, oh, I think I'm in some sort of legal trouble.

Extra large snack sack? TMI.

It looks like the lady is trying to keep him from showing his "action zone" to someone else.

Poodle: "Action Shmaction. Late night it was the "Crying Zone."

"What is an 'extra large snack shack'?"

The dog is certainly interested in those snacks!!!

(And for the record, my poodle does not look at my pants that way.)


I'faith, my lord, thou hast once again trusted thy fortunes to the Tudor and Sons Agency. Did we not counsel thee against it? But nay, thy knowledge is so great thou takest no heed. Mark my words, thy sales shall plummet like a milipede-addled monkey.

Good God! Is the Action Man wearing a dickie?

And why does my memory choose to retain things like 'dickies,' while I stutter trying to retrieve someone's name?


Striped shirt with a plaid jacket. Dacron fabric pants.

Yep, he's an engineer.

"Hello, Barry? Listen, we're doing an ad campaign that would be right up your action zone...."

We saw Action Zone open for They Might Be Giants.

That's actually how the pants look in real life. Action Zone patch sewn right to the business district.

The poodle is eyeing the Snack Sack.

From New Jersey - aka Florida with a frost heave

aka "ballroom pants"

"Sansadate" slacks..

The extra large snack sack holds up to a half a pound of Swiss cheese.. So I've heard..

The man resembles Erin Moron. The woman may be a rubber doller. Keep your eyes peeled.

And the poodle is actually a monkey.

Snack sack does double duty as a prostate holster.

gotta miss those early 60s

"Your choice of quiet, conservative color."

I miss the days of quiet conservatives. I completely missed when they were of color.

Hey, Annie' ... the conservatives saw how much fun the liberals wuz havin' bein' noisy, so they thot they'd join in the festivities ...

And we hafta suffer the consequences of the fact that they now compete for audience attention ...

I have a snack sack and I'm proud of it !

Those were nice pants. If I'd only known about the action zone...

Poodle ogling is creepy.

I think the dog is worried about him wearing that jacket with those pants. Tres gauche.

Shempley's was never as good as Curley's

This is just nuts.

They're still heee-re.

"Worn and beloved by celebrities, including Johnny Carson, Dick Van Dyke and Mike Ditka."

Although the Action Zone has most likely been replaced by the Fiber Zone. But that Depends.

You unlock this door with the key of psychology. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of marketing, a dimension of hype, a dimension of image. You're moving into a land of both libido and subconscious, of poodles and dacron. You've just crossed over into... the Action Zone.

Annie - they're running fiber down there? I guess they need to increase bandwidth.

The need to increase bandwidth is based on root cause analysis of load and frequency of network traffic (users). Make sure that your wireless network is properly secured, especially in crowded areas, to ward off inscrupulous people stealing your bandwidth.

Is the crevat optional? I could never pull that off.

I believe excess bandwidth can be carefully tucked alongside the snack sack. Avoid pinching.

I'm still hung up on "milipede-addled monkey."
Thank you Omni - thank yeww!

Perchance crevat...perchance chestwig...

You can tell that this is an old picture due to the fact that there is an action zone patch across the front of this guys pants. Not like the pictures taken today with close ups of what kind of bulge he has.

Yeah. Back then they didn't have Photoschlong.

This is pretty obviously a parody - some of the language in the large type is a clue plus if you read the tiny print at the bottom right, it ends with "Look, clothing prices everywhere are going crazy."

"I miss the days of quiet conservatives. I completely missed when they were of color."

Annie - I'm a conservative but that was funny.

:) @ Layzee -
I'm sure you use your CAPS LOCK with discretion.

The dog: You call it an action zone. I call it you've peed your pants.

So clearly they had to rub a pork chop on his groinal area to get a dog to show that much devotion. In Esquire, G. Clooney esplained how when the Doggy Adoption folks were bringin a dog to his mansion to see if he is fit to be a dog owner, he decided to rub a sausage on his shoes to attract the dog's undying attention. WHORE

Bovine action zoning:


Who said, "A liberal is just a conservative who has not yet been mugged."?

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