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January 31, 2014


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defends Justin Bieber

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and Bill Jones)


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The Mayor only said that becuz he duzn't want the brat back in Canada ...

Not to defend the Bieber, but I suspect he's no different than any other 19yo male would be if that other one sh!t bricks of money, too.
I know I would have been like that.
The real problem would be in getting any one male past that point in life.


I'm just trying to get rid of the image that the "Politics makes strange bedfellows" quote has left behind.

You should see what Jesse Jackson said about Justin on Twitter...

They are both spoiled, cowardly thugs. Ford is an example of where Bieber is heading if someone doesn't step in and spank his punk-@ss ego back down to size. Grrrr....grrr...and ick!

The Biebs is Rob Ford's love child.

The thought of Rob Ford's sex life is not one for a queezy stomach. Or Bieber's either, for that matter.

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