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January 06, 2014


2:24 a.m. Someone reported that an intoxicated woman was lying in the snow along Highway 2 West in Hungry Horse.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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' Owl Emergency" ??!

who nu ??

I had someone bring a fledgling hawk in to me at the health department on the theory that I was the government and I was there to help.
This tiny bird was bigger than most chickens I've eaten for dinner. And he had a low opinion of being kept in a box by a HUMAN of all things.
However, we did find an agency that would rescue him, so it all worked out.

This is like the 'anti-news' - no screaming headlines, no ALL-CAPS or exclamation points....just an owl with a boo-boo, a couple of loose dogs, and a woman face down in the snow.

God bless America.

New Year, same as the old year.

it's not a new year until the ceremonial First Drunk In The Snowbank is found.

"A Kalispell man would like his mom's boyfriend, who has been living in his basement, to leave."

Is he ready for an invasion of reality show producers?

Because I am completely tech illiterate, I have to ask you to please go to youtube and search "True Facts About Owls". Very funny.

Or someone could post the link for me. Anybody? Bueller?

There certainly are a lot of loose dogs in Flathead County, but the border collie appears to have turned it into a business. I imagine it's those long, lonely winters.

On a side note, my son just moved to Bozeman to go to school. It's not Flathead, but I see a road trip in the future...once the place warms up to above single digits!

The lesson here is that if you plan to drunk til you fall down alot, move to florida, preferably near Dave.

12:47 p.m. A red blue heeler was spotted on Conrad Drive.

... um ... wouldn't that be 'red heeler' ... ? (they are a separate breed, technically, IIRC)

Here Ms. F, http://youtu.be/XeFxdkaFzRA
very funny

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