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January 08, 2014


Houston firefighter puts out truck blaze with beer

(Thanks to Gary Kennedy, who says: "Your truck or your beer? As Jack Benny would say, "I'm thinking!")


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I thought beer was flammable. I'm also beginning to think that there's nothing it can't do.

Waste beer or let the truck burn. That's a no brainer.

that was not good beer, all it is good for is putting out fires, and frat boyz

Maybe alcohol was also involved in 'fixing' the brakes....oh, the irony of a Coors-soaked conundrum.

Let's see ... Coors jokes. Where to begin?

Coors: like sex in a canoe. . .

OK, how many beers have you had today?
Just two...pallets, Officer.

Couldn't he have just drunk a case and THEN put out the fire. IYKWIM. (I'd spell it out but there are ladies present)

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