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January 08, 2014


Woman pulled silver handgun from her genitals in row with boyfriend over space aliens

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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'Who is crazy, you or me?'

correct answer - C: all of the above

What was the charge?

aggravated assault on a household member

Klaatu barrata wackjob!

I remember where I was when I first learned of a woman carrying a concealed Smith in her genitals.

That was my take too, Dave.

This may be the weirdest headline/subject evah ! You can't get much weirder....I suppose if real aliens were involved......

Roomy is not usually considered a compliment for that part of the anatomy.

The headline leads me to believe they were playing a game named "space aliens."

There are no space aliens in New Mexico and never have been. We are from France.

Silver handguns and tinfoil hats. I'm gonna change your mind.
While drowning all my sorrows I had far too much wine.
You say aliens don't exist and you weren't really all that kind.
Silver handguns and tinfoil hats will help me change your mind.

Many apologies to Linda Ronstadt.

"McCarthy admitted having a gun but maintained it had been 'missing for a while'."

TMI. And too many Kegels.

And why did she not use a Glock? They're have a much smoother exterior than that S&W. Ok, maybe I just answered my own question. Aaaand grossed myself out.

"So, Cormac McArthy; you're a best-selling author. Where do you get your ideas?"

"Listen, you can't make this stuff up."

Thankfully, not a Buntline Special.


New Mexico has raised the bar. Now Florida will have to actually try if it wants to maintain its reputation as the WTF State.

Marc, are you kidding, we here in Oreeegon, have Tonya Harding
as our WTF Queen! We got nut cases about every fifty square feet.
I learned today that our Brother State of Hawaii, is collecting their
homeless and buying them plane tickets to Portland, how bloody
thoughtful of them! They should know that we have one of the big
drone makers here, We may have to pull a pearl harbor on them.
We got a lot of those funny mushrooms we could drop all over those
tiny islands.
Fool Me once, Fool Me twice....

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