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January 24, 2014


A man walks into a Tunstall bar... naked from the waist down carrying a bag of sex toys – and says 'what's the problem?'

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Ryan Jentzsch)


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A man walks into a bar. He says,"Ouch!"

With their expanded product line, it ain't easy being an Avon Lady these days.

He was ready for a demonstration

He was just trying to ask for directions to Badminton Estate.

The problem is, he left his wallet at home.

So this termite walks into this bar and says "Where is the bar tender?"

Bartender: "Why the dong, ace?"

Well, I hope you brought enough for everyone.

Chloe walks into a bar and says, "Where's the bartender at?"

Mr. Language Person replies, "Never end your sentence with a preposition."

Chloe replies, "Where's the bartender at, dumb@ss?"

Later that evening he was arrested for assault with a dead weapon.

AWBH took one look at him and said, "Why the long...hello, nurse!"

Definitely not a blog reader, or he would have known that the proper wording was:

Is there a problem, Officer?

"Put those away or we'll put them away for you."

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