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January 15, 2014


NYC Devil Baby Attack

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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I think that was Rosie & The Originals other hit.

That reminds me - my little sister's birthday is next week.

Dang that was scary....I can't imagine witnessing it in real life. Once I recovered, I'd pound that stroller to pieces.

That kid is without fail in our waiting room every day.

Great elevator music BTW. Smooth.

that bieber kid just won't stop, will he

An "A" for ngenuity, but how is this thing not a heart attack/lawsuit/psychokiller generator?

Actually, an "i" for ingenuity, in this case ....

haha so true - Any NYer one who 'checks' on that thing could sue !!!!

I swear one of the people said "Hi, Mr. Mayor!"

THAT was funny !

Beware of yellow snow around that kid.

The guy in the yellow coat is the only real New Yorker in that. The others are just tourists.

Police van with loudspeakers cruising the city:
"Paging a miss Rosemary...Paging Ms. Rosemary...
we have your son here..."

Or does he HAVE them?

Cheap, thrilling movie promo....but why pay when you
can watch this over and over?

I saw this on the news this morning. Vomits and everything. What people will think of anyway

Edgar Allen Poe: the early years.

If I were a newly minted cardiologist, I would follow this thing around town. Better than business cards.

Did not know my stepmother had offspring.

As an experienced father and grandfather, there are worse things that can spew out of a baby.

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