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January 10, 2014



I looked for your new book on Amazon.com, and while there, happened to glance down at the other suggested titles (and I swear...)

#1- "Can't Smile Without You" by Barry Manilow.

#2 - "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" by Barry White.

I didn't realize marketing search engines had a sense of humor!  Quickly, let's play a game of "Three Things These Guys Have in Common"!  (I'll start)  - They rank in the top 147 "Guys with the given or surname 'Barry' who women over 60 think are 'hotsy-totsy'"

(Your turn)




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They all have either written about, or sing like they're having, colonoscopies...

They all use apostrophes.

They have all sung in rock bands.

Barry M. Annima

Barry, according to wikipedia, is an eNglish version of Barra. Barra, it turns, out means fair-haired
and Barry can aslo be a shorted form for Bartholomew.Bartholomew (originally /ˈbɑːrtəlmi/, BAR-təl-mi; now commonly /ˈbɑːrˈθɒləmjuː/, bar-THO-lə-mew) is an English given name that derives from the Aramaic name meaning "son of Talmai". Bar is Aramaic for "son", and marks patronyms. Talmai either comes from telem "furrow" or is a Hebrew version of Ptolemy. Thus Bartholomew is either "son of furrows" (i.e., rich in land) or "son of Ptolemy".

So naming someone Barry means calling them a son
of Ptolemy!!!

At least it didn't suggest " The Open Kimono " by Seymour Hair.

There once was a man named Ptolemy
He got rich singing a song called All of Me
His name kept him home so he changed it to Rome
And said I hope that this isn't the fall of me

Well I agree about Dave being "hotsy" but I'm not sure I would describe him as a "totsy". btw, I'm no where near 60 years old but I also like Barry White.

That is cock.

What's with this 'women over 60' garbage? I'm with nursecindy and not over 60.
Dave is hotsy.
Barry White is hotsy.
Barry Manilow is notsy.

Considering Barry White died in 2003, I'm pretty sure he's closer to room-temperature-sy.

I'm exactly 60 and LOVED Barry White. His voice is hotsy, but him, not so much.

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