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January 10, 2014


Eye-watering X-rays show bottle stuck in man's rear... and the hooked wire he tried to pull it out with that got trapped as well

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and DaninTustin)


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"Eye watering?"

No deposit, no return.

Everytime I had someone come into the emergency room with a problem like this they always said they had "accidentally" sat on the object. Usually it was a flashlight. I wonder what this guy's excuse was?

Did their love give them "that certain glow"?

The original marketing campaign, before budget cuts, was "Don't drink and drive the bottle up your butt."

So he was literally a pain in the...glass?

Guess he'll want a refund now on that
"Do it yourself catheter kit" he bought of
the chinese (and state owned) equivalent of Ebay...

The most embarrassing part is that it was a Zima bottle..

Isn't this what recycling is all about ?

not even gonna look!!

'had no idea', eh ?

he jes kept it all bottled up inside 'im

I do not ever want to read the phrases "hooked wire" and "man's rear" in the same sentence again.

Less taste, more filling...

A wire was the best idea he could come up with? The only worse idea would be to break the bottle and wait for it to pass.

if one is this stupid, call in a drone strike on your chair. stop wasting the world's time

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