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January 10, 2014


Glowing toilet seats.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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So what makes it glow for 20 years? Tritium, like on gunsights?

Not sure I'd want to sit on that...

I saw them open for Strawberry Alarm Clock

This could mean no more seats left up - what guy could resist the challenge? Ladies be careful what you wish for.

Great! Now I can replace that string of Christmas lights.

Helps you go (glow) in the dark (dork)...

[Depends on the accent, mate]

Inspirational.. That fall in the night could have easily wrecked 'em..

Great ! Now the dog will be able to find his drinking bowl in the dark !

Handy technology to light up anything you might slip and fall on, like that bottle in the previous post. Think of all the anuses it could save.

glow with the flow

I was all set to order one until I saw the price.

For about a dollar, you can buy an LED nightlight that makes the whole bathroom "glow." The only advantage to a glowing toilet seat would be using it for bait.

Look carefully at the video. It goes by quickly, but it's real. The guy not only knows how not to fall in the pot, he knows the way to hang toilet paper.

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