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January 09, 2014


Waitress says couple left meth for a tip

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Well, that was smart.

Cascade Locks is a pretty sounding name for a place to live. Clatsop County Jail, not so much.

Back in the 80's I sometimes paid for lunch at a local barbecue place with an herbal substance of dubious legality.

Clatsop County is named for the Clatsop tribe of Native Americans who lived on the Pacific coast prior to European settlement. The county seat is Astoria, Oregon’s oldest city, which established as a fur trading post in 1811 and named after John Jacob Astor. In 1975, Clatsop County commissioners considered seceding from Oregon to become part of Washington. They later abandoned the idea.

See also: Cascade Locks

Please refer to IRS Publication 1040-MTH for instructions on how to treat this form of tip income on your return. The publication provides a worksheet for determining the gross alternative value of any depreciated net liability in accordance with the schedule of joint earnings under the optional estate income retirement child care expense minimum deduction. Note that left-handed self-employed under-55 filers may also be subject to penalties if such tips are not reported as offshore household earned credit withholding.


Thank you, I think.

Maybe there's a meth-od to their madness. Heh.

They certainly don't look like meth-heads.

yeah, Layz, their moms must love those photos.

they must've ordered a Heisenburger

No prob. It's just like printing homemade money.

Made her little heart go pitta-pat, pitta-PAT, PITta-PAT, PITTA-PATPATPAT, DAMIT.

How very Manley of you!

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