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January 08, 2014


A caller asked an officer to contact a neighbor about an issue on her behalf, as she (the caller) was susceptible to cannibalism.

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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"I know Flathead County, Forest Grove, and YOU are no Flathead County!"

...but yer a bit too close fer comfort...

was the DUII a typo?

evidently not... it's Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants

Forest Grove is where ANIMAL HOUSE was filmed.

Just sayin'.

•A resident called police after a husband's girlfriend showed up at the house to serve divorce papers. The caller did not think this was wise.

Greater love hath no woman, than she would server divorce papers to the wife..... Wiliam Shakespeare....

Another in a growing list of places filled with people who I would not want to be left alone with.

(Go ahead, call 911 and add me to the police blotter of your choice for ending my comment with a preposition).

The ten-year-old boy/short woman one caused me to snort coffee.

LeDud thanks for explaining that to me. I was getting a headache from trying to figure it out.
A woman called to report what she believed was organized crime within the medical field.
OMG they're onto us! And people have always thought DON stood for Director Of Nursing.

My tasting notes say "Robust and fruity with an aroma redolent of the lush Oregon climate and flaky terroir. A bit more sarcasm in the nose than ideal. Young, with a high alcohol content. Decant for 1 to 2 hours before reading."

Cindy,you mean CAPO has nothing to do with post-operative care?

I have family in Forest Grove. The bumper sticker "Keep Portland Weird" (which was a ripoff from another city) is completely unnecessary in Forest Grove.

MazarLarry I would tell you but then I'd have to give you multiple tetanus shots with dull needles. Nothing personal.

OK, Larry, you don't have to tell that lady she looks "good enough to eat" EVERY TIME YOU SEE HER!

Jeff M, some of animal house was there in the town, but I must point out that the ACTUAL house that is in the movie is in Eugene.
AND as a proud graduate of the U-of-O Architecture School, I must note that after they shot the movie in the home, my fellow arch students rented it, and OH DEAR GOHD , you do not want to party with architecture students, especially in that house. But hey I survived to become a world-famous architect,
NOT yet.
anyone needing a 400 story skyscraper, call me, really....

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