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January 09, 2014


I'm not sure of the mechanics of doing this on the blog, but is there a way for the folks in Chicago to figure out a gathering at one of the performances of Peter and the Starcatcher?

Given our ages, I'm thinking that one of the matinees is most likely -- as a person who works in the same block as the theater I look forward to the higher class of panhandlers that come out for the matinee performances to interact with older folks on their way to the coach bus.  I can use the e-mail addresses of known folks from the Anderson's in Naperville gathering, but others could be out there that would want to participate.

If the blog isn't the best option, we'll figure it out.


Not My Usual Alias (Usually known as David when I'm in trouble)


Maybe you folks can organize something in the comments?


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There's a matinee in East Lansing on Sat. Jan 25th at 2pm Just kidding (Ha)

Hopefully we'll be thawed out by the 25th. East Lansing is nice this time of year.

The matinees are April 3, 5 and 9 at 2:00. The 9th is the last performance.

If I "liked" it the right way, look on FB for the comment "Looking forward to the show coming to Chicago" to get a message to me if you don't want to respond in public on the blog.

The opening suggestion is the April 9th, 2:00 performance. Lunch before or an early dinner after is possible. A bad weather gathering place (Hey, it is Chicago) is available around the corner on Dearborn. Elvis or gorilla costumes are optional.

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