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January 18, 2014


Dear Dave,

I am not sure if this is some kind of story you like to do but we though it may be of interest to you or one of your colleges.


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Dave's a University?

Wow, how many colleges do you have, Dave?

a HA!

- and This seems fitting

Are any of Dave's mascots a squirrel?

The internet's version of primate hand signs.

♫ Teach, your children well, teach them to SPELL, they need to know why,
And read, to them their books, the ones they pick, the one that you buy.
Don't you know they have to try to know a vowel is sometimes 'y'
'Cuz learning vowels will get them byyyyyyyyyyy: 'a - e - i - oooo - u'

Trust no one, especially a spell checker. Or typepad when it says "Your comment has been posted."

Obviously, they were reefering to Dave's cowirkers, not his universes.

I can see why you never really finished reading these emails. The email is a blooper and the person never heard of spell check. However Dave's University may be a good place to learn about overflowing toilets or boogers or how to become a good writer so one can join a band to donate to charity.

JarJar Engrish

I'm not sure I want to learn about Dave's booger class.
It depends on how "hands-on" it is.

And now, Professor Tonya Harding!

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