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January 20, 2014


Hello.My good friend!!!    Very happy to get your information from your website. Hope you everything goes well.     We’re Dongying QIxiang Import&Export Co.,Ltd(international business department), specialized in Oil field equipment for ten years.


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Haven't we all had a need for oil field equipment at some point in our lives ?

After the ten years, we plan on selling bridges. Would you like to reserve one in Brooklyn?

--Small print in the email....(?)

Hey, Dongying, I got yer drilling rig right here.

Heck, we've got Oil Patchers here in Nodak who can spell better'n that ... don't believe 'em, they couldn't've been sellin' oil field stuff more than six months ...

If they are getting information from *this* website, they are in big trouble. I say short the stock.

Watch it, Dave! They sound like slick customers.

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