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January 09, 2014


The Vilas County Sheriff's Department said they responded to a vehicle fire in Flambeau Tuesday morning after someone attempted to warm up their car by lighting a charcoal fire beneath it.

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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Minivan Flambeau is a delicacy in some places.

Dodge Caravan is made from plastic, not steel. That doesn't mix very well with charcoal.

God forgot his brains. What was he thinking?

You want fries with that?

What a maroon.


Ummm, in defiance of all gender history, this was actually done by a woman. Although I've seen the women up in Vilas county this time of year, and it's a reasonable mistake.

p.s. I also submitted the newspaper account of this in my capacity as this blog's Cheesehead Country stringer, but apparently Charles Cates aced me out by sending a link with VIDEO. This blog can be SOOOOO shallow sometimes.

flambeau county - aptly named..

First, you warm up your brain. THEN you warm up the car....

Can't wait to see Padraig mudwrestle the tribal ladies he just dissed. Just as soon as the mudwrestling rink defrosts, and the tribal ladies read this. Two things that are not in the immediate future.

Don't try this with a Firebird.


@padraig, video AND a photo of the cooked car!


Car-b-ques are a almost weekly occurrence in the outer suburbs of Paris, Seine-St-Denis in particular - only the "disaffected youths" aren't trying to start them in the cold...

Mixed Grille.

This worked really well years ago with Ford Pintos.

Must've thought the Allstate Insurance commercial with the Mayhem Guy was an instructional video.

Consider: the world now has one fewer 2007 Dodge Caravan. I think the woman deserves a humanitarian award of some kind.

Snork @ NUMA!!!

Why not use the moe howard method...gasoline on engine, light match, and soon a very warm hot car!

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