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January 28, 2014


Is time running out for Jack? Bauer gets SHOT as Kiefer Sutherland films high-octane scenes for 24

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Form a perimeter!

Now drink, repeatedly.

I see Jack's got his Bag-O-Ammo with him. Wonder how many guns, grenades, and assorted bombs he's got in there this time??? ;)

If they take him to the CTU clinic he's a dead man. Nobody ever makes it out of there alive.

Hear hear Jeff M ! (walks out to liquor cabinet....)

Key photo caption:

On the run: Another young man carrying a briefcase and a pretty blonde also appeared to be involved in the chase scenes

Overacting much, Kiefer?...

Also, Yvonne has an outstanding perimeter...I watched her for years on "Chuck". :)

No one can stop Jack Bauer. He has more stamina power than Superman.
Remember how many times he was shot in the previous shows? How he survived a chemical meltdown (Edgar
didn't) and how Chloe always found a way to help Jack, much like a female version of Tonto to Jack's
(sometimes Lone) Ranger?

This is a lot better when the pictures move.

It is just a flesh wound....

Argh! When you surrender, you're supposed to have your finger OFF the trigger.

I'm sure that it's only a flesh wound or he's wearing a Kevlar undershirt. No one can kill my Jack.

"Bullets are nothing. But that bull in China hurt." -- Jack Bauer, Dammit.

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