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January 08, 2014


Kraft says Velveeta running low

(Thanks to oneblankspace, Ralph, Brian Duval, Omniskeptic, Jeff Meyerson, Jon Harris, jsk and Bill Jones)


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I'm sure this is Green Bay's retaliation for losing in the playoffs.

Oh I heard that yesterday but there is a shortage of alot of things due to the weather that we've had. People go crazy at the grocery store.

My belief is they are keeping them back like Cabbage Patch Kids and other fads over the years in order to drive up the price.

Or not.

Thank the stars we aren't running out of any kind of actual cheese, though.

That stuff can be ruined by very cold temperatures, "Polar Vortex" a natural phenomenon? I think not! Wake up sheeple!!

I think it's time for a benefit concert featuring John Cheese Cleese.

"Do you in fact have any cheese here at all?"

"No, but we have Velveeta."

We may have to mix our own. What is it, colby swiss and cheddar blended all togeddar ?

That's the mix...


Not gouda.

Didn't this happen during WWII?

Didn't Velveeta sing: " Don't Cry For Me, Semolina " ?

Well, if the Velveeta runs out, there's always Pabst-ett.

Maybe people just don't know where to look for it. I always find my supply in the gourmet case.

The cheese that cannot die?
Look in the back of the pantry.

Still an abundance of potted meat food product.

Isn't 'due process' how they make Velveeta?
--Bull, bailiff on Night Court

But seriously, a Velveeta shortage? I'm going home, locking the doors and going into survivalist mode. It's gonna get ugly out there.

first Twinkies/Ho-Hos now Velveeta, I blame Obummer. The War on Trash Food is over-running us. Is the First Lady behind this?


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