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January 31, 2014


...is on the way.


(Thanks to Monique and MrX)


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You know, it looks kind of avant garde. I'd just fix the dry wall, put a frame around it, and call it good.

I'm with Omni -- but I'd make sure the frame was load bearing whether or not it was required by code. It's a real pain in the backside to spackle over drywall cracks.

There's nothing like a gas leak to meet your neighbors.

Bangers and smash?

And, conversely, gas leakage is very useful in fending off irritating neighbors.

a Citroen C5 had reversed into the house.
France is, obviously, on very high alert.

Most people put their laundry in a basket, not a trunk, but okay. The tires would be handy in case you had a lot of laundry. You could wheel it into the living room and fold it while watching television, especially the news where some moron backed into a house.

I'm trying to understand the odd detail about the sausage. Is it relevant to the story that the guy had been cooking and was then eating a sausage? Or, as I suspect, are sausages just inherently funny?

Annie I bet the HGTV or DIY Channels would have done something interesting with the back of that car. Maybe a cozy breakfast nook? I like your laundry idea.

Probably happened something like this:

Women - for pity's sake don't drive.

Any blog ladies wanna help me *SMACK* LeClerc?

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