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December 05, 2013


Tennessee McDonald's serves couple paper bag full of cash instead of breakfast

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Vaguely Related: Wendy's employee fired for serving marijuana-topped bluntburger

(Thanks to funny man)

We need to get fast food more often.


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I've had employees like that.

I saw Bogart that Burger open fer ... um ... where wuz that again? Yeah ... loud!

Given that I was given a coupon for a free value meal when I was shorted a McDouble, I think the value of the reward can be derived.

Anyone else think "Hold the pickle hold the lettuce"?

They always f**k it up in the drive-thru.

So, apparently this place transports their bank deposits in a paper Micky D's bag?

Apparently 32-year-old Amy Seiber was smoking at work and “misplaced” the blunt.

"So I was partying all night and I...what was I saying again? Hold on. Here's your order, ma'am."

I think Layzee meant this Joe Pesci classic:

Leo Getz: "They F&&K YOU at the drive-thru, okay? They F&&K YOU at the drive-thru! They know you're gonna be miles away before you find out you got f**ked! They know you're not gonna turn around and go back, they don't care. So who gets f**ked? Ol' Leo Getz! Okay, sure! I don't give a f**k! I'm not eating this tuna, okay?"

Now I know what it means when someone dies from blunt trauma.

Man appears with funny hair (or is that just Wendy?) and says, "Let me be blunt, you're fired".

I'd have returned the money.
That's all I'm saying.

Stop the snarks! We're a very friendly state.

The food might be fast, but the employees were none too swift.

My take-out order usually weighs less than thousands in small bills.

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