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December 13, 2013


"Out my backdoor?" Really?

(Thanks to Scott Weston)


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Judging from that restrained-for-50-years glimmer in his eye, I think he has a hidden door.

COLD air out the back door? That's, like, a mutant superpower.

Another Credence Clearwater fan.

Bother me tomorrow,
Today I'll buy no sorrows

Well,There's the bathroom on the right.

For some reason I have the impression that there was an elephant involved in this somewhere.

I'm your backdoor man!

maybe he's just a 'wide stance' weather guy


There are three entries (!) with the tag Back Door Cold Front.

Usually they warm you up.

Back Door Cold Front, aka, "freezing your a$$ off" is a well-known phenomenon there.

I would just like to take a moment to congratulate poker for being the first person in history to accurately quote that song lyric, and that includes John Fogerty.

Is the weather man trying to say that cold heart people are also cold farting people? Or was alluding to the act that he wears a one-peice men's underwear with a "buttocks door" so he could do do do in the cold weather?

Maybe they could cue some screaming goats, and or
warm-farted dogs to warm that place up....

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