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December 10, 2013


Seattle barber stabs customer in testicles

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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He should have been a lumberjack.

He had a previous "beef" with the guy and yet he let him near him with a razor and scissors?


Just remember this -- a bris is just a bris

"Yeah He assaulted me in the past. He gave me a vasectomy with that straight razor He calls 'Buddy'"..

Wow. Who knew there was only one barber in all of Seattle?

"Testicles? Ballocks, more like." - Hugh Laurie

The salon was already closed when officers arrived after a side trip to a donut shop , so they were unable to speak with the barber.

Gosh darn, partner, I guess we're just gonna have to get back in our patrol car and wait until dispatch gives us another assignment.

Most barbers do take tips.

I'm with Jeff. It's like the Talmud says "Do not trust your enemy to be a barber or doctor. "

so, you're having a 'beef' with this barber. so you go back to his shop? i'm with omniskeptic. and this guy is obviously a complete moron.

A new tragedy is born - The Barber of Seattle.

"Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd, he served a dark and a vengeful God...."

Just a little off the top.

http://youtu.be/Y9NAu3sPJFk for the context of my first comment


Nuts, to you ...

queensbee/omni: the way I read the article the customer has a certain barber at the shop. While that barber was cutting his hair, this antagonistic barber comes over and starts "joking" at the customer's expense. The customer can't really move because he's getting his hair cut. Once he's finished, the Anti-Barber attacked him.

If this kind of stuff has happened before, why haven't the other barbers contacted police? Why do they let the Anti-Barber continue? This kind of hostile behavior would not be tolerated in a corporation.

Figaro, The Barber of Seville, er Seattle

Maybe the barber just wanted the customer to be less of a d!ck.

That was a bit testy of him

Ain't the way to manscape.

Sounds like a Gahhhy Hurt-Me-for-$$$ sort of place.
Just what you find in the depraved hippy-town

The Barbarian of Seville. And now I've got that blasted Bugs Bunny episode stuck in my brain.

You're next! <- Bugs

Shave and a haircut - naughty bits!

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