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December 16, 2013


Florida is NUMBER SIX?????

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Hard to believe, I know.

It's sad, leaving CA off the list reminds of several Bread songs.

It's based on citations. So people who get away like driving like Dale Earnhardt at his day job are not counted in the statistics.

Yes I know Dale Earnhardt died in 2000 or 2001, but he was the first NASCAR driver who came to mind. Not surprisingly, Dale Jr. was second.

OBS - So your hypothesis is that the American Southeast doesn't have a problem with idiot drivers, necessarily, they just have more competent police?

Well, I suppose Michigan's not making the list supports that. Our cops aren't especially incompetent, but they do tend to be, ah, busy, shall we say?

most in the ole south. up in montana and dakota - well, they dont have anything to stop them.

It's a tough competition. Florida's eternal left-turn blinker burns out eventually, so if they want to get back into contention, they'll have to get creative like Texas did, and put in some drive-thru liquor stores.

What state were the DUKES of HAZAARD from ? They were good guys weren't they ?

LeDud, they were from California.

The only reason Massachusetts isn't on the list is because what they do can't technically be called driving, it's more like jousting.

Who is Number One?
You are, Number Six.

All Florida has to do is import a couple of Wisconsin snow & ice storms, you guys will catch RIGHT up.

Yes I know Dale Earnhardt died in 2000 or 2001, but he was the first NASCAR driver who came to mind.
Earnhardt should always be the first one to come to mind, oneblankspace. Earnhardt!
However when it comes to bad driving by a NASCAR driver, I always think of Richard Petty. He once got a ticket for pushing a car out of the way because they wouldn't let him pass. Unfortunately for him he was on the interstate when he did this and not on a racetrack.

Cali would be higher, but it's really hard to speed when you're stuck in a Sigalert.

I decided not to waste my time finding out where this numbnut resides.

Jan I wasted my time and he lives in Los Angeles. If you're going to do something that stupid make sure you don't have any outstanding warrants first.

When did Florida get rid of their drive-through liquor stores?

This study is not a measure of how bad the drivers are, but of how often they are ticketed. Since Florida police adopted the 3 free pedestrians-a-month policy while the drivers are just as bad they get fewer tickets.

I haven't drunk alcohol in years, but I could swear (and I was-while calling Humana a little while ago) that I saw drive-throughs at several St. Augustine liquor outlets.
And when we were looking for new homes, we told our realtor that we were not against living near deputies. She said it would be easier to find a neighborhood where they don't live. She was right. They litter the landscape.

*snork* at PG, and let's crawl onto the geezer bus. Maybe they'll take us to a drive-through liquor store.

I believe Washington state has the worst drivers, but they all come from British Columbia!

haaaeeel , in fla you can shoot to kill for skittles, needless to say if someone cuts you off in traffic, you spray them with automatic fire. A lot fewer complaints are filed.

Lived here in Louisiana about a year and a half and didn't think the drivers were *that* bad. On the other hand, we have drive-thru daiquiri stands here, so that probably doesn't help.

Hey, PG13 Wodehouse – VERY NICE! You don't often see a play on 'The Prisoner."

Am I the only one to notice a slightly skewed Southern bias in this data
Who did this study?
General Sherman's still vindictive sociologist great great grandson?

Just another carpet bagger.

Or the spirit of ol' General George Henry Thomas. Not without honor except in his own country.

Richard Petty walked home from the first-ever NASCAR race. His daddy wrecked the family car in the race.

And Hazard County is in Kentucky near the Virginia-Tennessee line.

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