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December 20, 2013


McDonald's Has To Get Rid Of 10 Million Pounds Of Mighty Wings

(Thanks to DaveM)


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It doesn't say how much they'll pay for someone to take them.

Hey Mikey.


Set 'em out on the picnic table, tap the keg, let the guys know ... ZAP! they're gone ... (especially if there's a football game on TV @ the same time ...)

Super--- err, make that Big Game Promotion with a good price point.

The customers take their own video of eating X wings during a commercial break for entry into Valhalla. Terms and conditions include pre-ordering wings to get your secret code.

They might not have to reduce the premium price point to pull this off.

Hire a leggy supermodel to eat one and look disgusting with her gestures. Gets me to crave some botulism poultry every time.

I understand Rob Ford is available.

This chicken was an epic turkey. Wings didn't fly.

two words chicken soup feed every homeless person in the frging country.

"And such an appetizing picture, too" I heard someone say.

I think I'll eat at a different fast food place.
It's got to be healthier tastier and more visually
appetizing than Mighty Yuk Wings....

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