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December 10, 2013


The more you play Poptopia, the more the Pop Dongle emits the delicious scent of freshly popped popcorn.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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"No. Jack in Box down the street has two for a dollar tacos."

pop dongles? whut?

Didn't Pop Dongle open for Miley Cyrus?

That sounds vaguely naughty.

So for $160 or so, plus the cost of downloading the app, you can enjoy the smell of popcorn . . . or you could do something truly revolutionary, like actually making popcorn for less than a buck. (I have become my father)

Two for a dollar? Del Taco has them 3 for a dollar.

Seymore "Pop" Dongle coached the Bears for several years until one of them ate him.

Its the same gag as "Pull my finger," except it farts popcorn stink. I'm dubious as to how much we need to encourage kids to "get their hands on" Pop Dongle, though.

It's likely that there are a few ... well, p'haps several ... people in the world whom I'd allow to "pop my dongle" ... but this plastic concoction isn't one of 'em ...

I thought we weren't allowed to say "Dongle" anymore.

Time to sabotage the dongle. Ever hear of pimp oil?

Pop your own dongle and stay away from everybody else's.

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