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December 10, 2013


Herring in Kolgrafafjörður, West Iceland, were unmoved when researchers attempted to scare them out of the fjord by playing ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones.

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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Obviously, they were pining for the fjord.

proof that rock music makes you hard of herring

Copacabana is too perky. Mandy however; would cause a bass exodus.

Must be Red Herrings.

Anyway, for me Whitney Huston "I will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! would do the trick.

Anything from Miley Cyrus should do the trick, not sure I spelled her name correctly but hey who really cares?

Once they've acclimatized to Bjork, nothing will frighten them. Besides, you'll only attract rockfish with the Stones.

Bieber would have had them skeedaddling to the Bahamas.

All your bass are belong to us.

Let's have a benefit concert to save the fish!
....."Herring Aid"

Maybe they should try this song. I promise this isn't a Barry Manilow link. It's much, much worse. Turn off your speakers.


Mick kind of looks like a herring.

Stones audio, no reaction. Ok, Sven,now play the video.

Wow! Lookit 'em go!

I bet the fish would have responded to this one.

*returns to geezer bus*

Maybe they should have tried rolling stones instead of Rolling Stones.

Unlke whales, dynamite works wonders. Herring today, kippers tomorrow.

I believe this is covered under the Geneva Conventions for Herring Rights

Wouldn't they rather drive a fjord?

(Sorry, my sanity herring will be held next Wednesday)

They play Bach to drive away teenagers quite effectively ....

Bach, to the Future?

I suggest a medley by Cream.

I would suggest playing them the Rock Bottom Remainders but then I'd have PETA on my buttocks.

Well, come on, now. A whole fjord full of 'em, all painting garish abstractions of penises, hanging out in clubs ... Oh, wait, that's Keith Haring. And he's dead, anyway. Back to you.

All these comments sound kind of...fishy.

Play McArthur Park by Donna Summer.

Dangle little shiny cans in front of them and they'll jump right in.

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