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December 03, 2013


...to search for the elusive double-male electrical plug.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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I'll have to check with the electrician when he's checking the lights on the floor to see if he can score one for me.

Good Lord! Do people really do that? Is that not an obvious death wish fulfillment device???

Suppose so. You can make one yourself easy enough, if you are a suicidal masochist.

Best quote ever:

"There’s no way around it, when you plug-in that double male, somewhere down the line there will be a live male prong just dangling in the wind waiting to fry something."

ntta . . . is there something wrong with that ??

I'm pretty sure a "live male prong just dangling in the wind waiting to fry something" is more commonly referred to as a pr!ck.

Saw Double Male Plug open for Hole in Spokane in '02.

don’t even toy with the thought of making one of these Christmas killers

Kill joy

Having - or making one yer ownself - a double FEMALE plug, OTOH, is sumwhut safer ... well ... on second thot, it's slightly more deadly than a double male plug ...

Nevermind ...

Who am I to judge?

Fo sizzle, yo.

Cut the plug and socket off the strand and switch them, using wire nuts. There has to be at least one wire nut around or you wouldn't have this problem.

I've actually made and used these before. Back when Christmas lights could blind ya....

Double Male Plug, that's Watts happening! You'll get a real charge out of that. It's the current hot thing.

Hold my beer and watch ZZZZAAAPPPP!

*Seriously, this reminds me that before I light it up outside tonight, I should file a Notice to Airmen with the FAA. I don't want a repeat of last years unfortunate incident.*

The local house that goes all out with lights is on a flight path for the regional hospital helicopter flights, depending on the wind direction.

At first I thought one string of lights spelled "Noel" but it turned out to say "Not Here"

Excuse me, your prongs are showing...or are you just
happy to see zap me?

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