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December 05, 2013


...for weird Nativity scenes.


(Thanks to Mark Oestreicher)


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Saint Preservus, the patron of charcuterie, frowns.

Remindful of Christmas decor @ Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility Elementary School ...

*stands well away from the stove to avoid the lightning*

That's not kosher.

I tried following the link for the zombies but couldn't get any results. My daughter would die for that, then come back.
And shotgun-shell Jesus looks like he's given Mary and Joseph a big, golden present in his diaper.

Looks like they got a much better breakfast than they would have gotten at The Inn.

some of those are repeats ... but i will be sending out the website to my choir friends and, in the spirit of advent, prepare the way of the.............handbasket.

I looked at them all and I would want the dogs on my mantel (if I had a mantel). The tampon creche is a bloody shame.

Wowe. Don't miss the link from that page to this adaptation of Bohemian Rhapsody for the natity!


Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Jimmy Dean...

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