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December 17, 2013


It has gone too far.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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just lost breakfast..........

Was going to send hubby with couscous and feta salad for this Friday's office holiday lunch, but thinking one of these beauties would go down a treat.

That is just nasty.

Whoa lets not be so hasty
That looks mighty toothsome to me!
Surf turf and air
All in One
And yes I have been in Japan too long

He's a database admin? Makes perfect sense. SQLserver will do that to you.

yukkkkkk. AND sureely not kosher. (its the bacon)

"After 30 minutes in oven at 375 degrees, pull out and spray gently with RAID."

This just in-the annual company holiday dinner at the Fukushima power plant was, once again, a wonder to behold.
Over two hundred workers praised the main dish, dubbed a "Cthurkey" by the chef, as a culinary masterpiece.
The only sad note came when the "Cthurkey" ate several workers just before it was carved.

I think I just became a vegetarian. Yuck!

An intoxicated Cthurkey was seen in Kalispell wearing maroon snow pants, carrying a shovel and making jokes about this being the most wonderful blurrrrp time of the year. A military helicopter showed up and hovered until the festive crowd dispersed.

Stuff a turducken in the middle of that, attach several "bacon explosions" to the limbs and then you have something.

Add a fifth of Seagram's, and you got cthrosis of the liver.

Where's the beef?

Nothing I call food looks like a screen shot from " Alien. "

So the steak knife on the side of my plate is for self defense?

Don't forget this one:


Calling Cthulhu an octopus-headed creature won't annoy him. Nope, not at all. Good luck! *walks away quietly*.

"A crustacean, wrapped in an enigma, smothered in secret sauce."

Fasting today, thank you. Don't save any for me.

The author's name is H.P. Lovecraft -- a Lovercraft is quite different...

There must have been a bet between chefs on whether a customer would eat it. I"m pretty sure that"s how we got escargot. And parsley.

Enough drumsticks for everyone.

from the people who put the turd in turducken.

And the slime in the coconut.

The bacon's a nice touch though...

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