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December 12, 2013


Café in France charges rude customers more cash for coffee

(Thanks to The Perts, Ralph and coscolo)


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But what about the rude waiters?

I fart in your general direction.

That'll be an extra five euros.

What if we're nice and polite in person, and then post rude comments later? Will we be billed a snark surcharge ex post facto?

Haw, haw! Ex POST facto! I giddit!

If you think I'm rude now just try charging me $9.50 for a lousy cup of coffee. It wouldn't be pretty.

I've noticed gas stations are charging more when a rude station attendant is on duty.

I'm generally very polite to wait staff, nurses, and doctors.
Do not offend he who handles your food or your privates.

The French can recognize rudeness? Alors!

Dem a loot, dem a shoot, dem a wail
A Shanty Town
Dem a loot, dem a shoot, dem a wail
A Shanty Town
Dem rude boys out on probation
A Shanty Town
Them a rude when them come up to town
A Shanty Town
--- Desmond Dekker

Excellent advice Steve. Although as a nurse I never did anything to hurt permanently impair a rude patient. Oh sure their shots may have stung a little more but I always assured them not to worry because I wasn't going to feel a thing.


I once had a medical professional tell me that that it was time for OUR shot (as though I were 5 years old).

I told said medical professional that if WE were going to get a shot, she should go first.

What nc said. As a first year student nurse in England in the late 70s, the majority of our training was on-the-job. I was assigned to a two-month stint on night duty in the E.R. of an inner city hospital, beginning the third week of December. The drunks who'd fallen over and dislocated their shoulders would begin rolling in around 11pm. Up on the gurney they went, burly ER medic would stick his foot in their armpit, grab the wrist, and give a nice juicy yank . Problem solved, sobered-up and out the door in no time. Epic.

Wow. Socialized medicine.

Sometimes nurses aren't nearly as mean as some of our patient's friends. Especially if they're men. I use to work as an Occupational Healthy Nurse for a large truck manufacturing plant near Charlotte. I was giving employee flu shots one day when three guys walked into my office. Two of them had already had their shots but they told me they were there for moral support for the other guy who was scared to death of needles. I turned to get his shot ready because I didn't want him to see the needle. When I turned back he was standing with his pants and boxers around his ankles. I walked over and gave him the shot in his arm. He asked me why I had done that and I told him I was getting ready to ask him the same thing. His "friends", who were rolling in the floor, had told him the shot went in the hip area. I thought he was going to kill them. FYI, flu shots always go in your arm. Men!

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