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December 04, 2013


What Victoria's Secret Workers Think When Men Walk Into The Store

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Better get a tune up and check the tires on the Bikini-Wax Mobile.

What they think? That's easy - $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

with ya Jeff. here. your (gf, wife, etc) would LOVE these (crotchless panties, see thru nightie...etc) of course, the men are so distracted when they go in there, the sales crew could probably sell them air sandwiches....

I've never stepped foot in one. I don't have the guts.

I think the analogy would be to women walking into Cabela's.

Well, Ma'am, I'm sure your husband would love this classic Ruger Mark One falling block, chambered in .308 Winchester. Note the premium walnut stock and hand finished ... Gift wrapping? Of Course. Will that be cash or credit?

Are they kidding? I can spend hours in there.

Do you like a falling block action, Omni? The recoil felt a little odd to me.

I'm guessing that these women would be outraged if their mechanics took a similar approach. "So that will be the high-performance spark plug wires with that? And while we're here can we change your blinker fluid?"

$50 bras? OK, so that's $25/cup ... but I still can't work out the unit price by weight....

A little help here, please .... but lose the headset, OK?

Yeah, PG - that would be soooo shocking.

Man, Annie. Shop-owners are scumbags.

A few months ago I took my car to a mechanic because it wouldn't start. He took a very long screwdriver and placed one end on the alternator and then put his ear to the screwdriver handle. He "listened" for a minute or two and then told me I needed a new alternator. I took the car to another shop and found out some terrorist squirrels had chewed through my starter wires. Guess where I won't be going the next time my car acts up?

I'd be thinkin' rather seriously about havin' an extra $200 handy, n'cin', fer when the alternator bushings wear out & it seizes up. & the serpentine belt breaks, causin' the water pump to quit circulatin' engine coolant & even werse stuff happens to the engine ...

This "listening" trick is very old ... 50 years or more ... and it's fer real ... a lotta good mechanics (i.e.: NOT them young pups who hafta have a macine tell 'em whut to GUESS is the problem) have an actual stethoscope with a long probe attached, to place on a given area of machinery, in order to determine WHERE that "funny noise" originates ...


Hmmm ... Maybe. But if your mechanic kicks off the diagnostic process by sticking a screwdriver in his ear, it's possible the squirrels have been chewing on more than just starter wires. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Women walk into a Fabio's Secret store shop the same way.

Shouldn't he at least start the car before he listens to the alternator? I started humming the theme to "2001: A Space Odyssey" just to mess with him.

This hapened before and has always been caused by human error

A former Victoria's Secret employee told us that workers at her Chicago-area store were trained to treat male customers differently from female ones.

Duh? Never been there myself, but....

It's like a whole foreign nation to me. with nice

Annie - the falling block is fine by me, but unfortunately the Mark 1 is a bit long for everyday carry.

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