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December 03, 2013


"Peak Toilet."

This has been The News From Canada.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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"If your pipe is full, the water gets pressurized. Once that wastewater is pressurized it needs to go somewhere.
Either it continues down the pipe or it gets forced into what openings you have."

An unfortunate turn of phrase.

So Omni - not much different than when you eat a Taco Bell.

'officials will insert protective sleeves to line the aging, cracked pipes'

- thus explains the DIY toilet roll insertion ?

Mebbe if they converted to the new-fangled five-litre low-flow toilets they'd ... OH ... WAIT ... nevermind ...

Thank Gawd I live in a neighborhood and not a neighbourhood.

Peak Toilet sounds a bit too pointy for me.

no peaking !

I am sooo happy that my home town made the news, and this blog. I definitely contributed to the problem, too much fiber.

Alright, now it is definitely time to get off the pot.

I don't know why an article about rectifying the growth strains of peak toilet usage would seem amusing to anyone.

Fifty years ago you knew it was " peak toilet " when you flushed and the guy in the shower screamed from getting scalded.

Doing the Can no-can.

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