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December 16, 2013


So suggests an offbeat study, released on Sunday, which concludes that the evil characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" lost their battle against men, elves and dwarves because they suffered from vitamin deficiency.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I hear air polution was involved. You, Smaug.

Psst. Those are fictional characters...

Systematic analysisss supports initial hypothesisss that doctorsss at Imperial College London suffer from minutus dicactias.

And, yet, the typical college student survives.

So eat your damn broccoli, kids, or the Uruk-hai will get ya. And if you don't stay off my lawn, I will.

Don't blame the beer.

Did anyone study the hygene of Orcs ? I don't think they washed their hands after going #2. Dysentary, typhoid, etc.

So that's what happens when you don't get your daily allotment of Riboflavin?

I asked the mountain lion who lives next door, and he said that people who don't take riboflavin don't taste like ribo anymore. I guess that's another taste: salt, sweet, sour, umami, yomomma, and ribo. Oh, and beer.

I'm pretty sure that tossing the Ring into a volcano had something to do with it, too. Also, they kept pissing off the Eagles.

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