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December 18, 2013


Unfotunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Teacher of the Week.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)

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(Thanks to Bob Spalding)


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Dongme,Donge me they outta take a rope and hongme...

I wonder how he likes that name "Dong"

" I pictured a carnival-like atmosphere, people wearing dresses, bright make up, and everyone cheerfully gathered in the town square, singing and smiling. "

Oh, dear, oh, dear. Welcome to America, Ma'm. And incidentally, what's a town square? We have village idiots, but ...

Wang Chung tonight - homework.

Her story is actually kind of sweet.

At a certain point (and we may be near to that time), virtually 90% of all words will be considered a euphemism for a sexual term.
This shows an obsession with either language or sex and I know where my money is going.
And you may take "money" in any way you want.

That's right. Dong and Wang are names. Really, you should be getting used to this by now. Peter Johnson is a name, too.

Bonus! There was an ad for Lana Beavers MD on the top of the Wang article.

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