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December 02, 2013


During an episode of TLC’s new show, Best Funeral Ever, the family of bowling-lover Judy Sunday holds her funeral at a bowling alley with a little help from the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas. During the funeral, Sunday’s name was written on bowling pins and her family even bowled her casket down the lane.

(Thanks to Ralph)

"Best Funeral Ever?"


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We asked if Mom could speed one last time on her way to the gravesite. The steward was nice enough to look the other way.

Well at least they were too classy to drop her arm out of the casket for one more ball.

Oh, they tried that, huh?

Guess they didn't spare any expense....heh....

"Very best bowling funeral ever."

Just how many bowling funerals are there?

Sounds great; I'm planning to copy it. But, I won't make my friends on the blog wear the stinky rental shoes...that is, unless you want to.

Oh, and I'm doing the nighttime Cosmic Bowl because I thought it would add some dignity...or, maybe not.

However, please do not attempt a 7-10 split with my casket.

Did they manage to keep Sunday's name out of the gutter?

Who would of thought of a funeral at the bowling alley

These guys know how to put the "fun" in funeral.

Just FYI I checked - the premiere (the bowling show) is on tonight at 10:01, followed at 10:31 by a funeral for someone who ate breakfast three times a day plus a former Olympic champ.

sorry but it's football night - guess i'm not much of a mourning person

I would have been more impressed with one last kegel.

Glad it worked out for her. Walt Disney should have been more specific.

Epitaph - "She never rolled a gutter ball."

Did the nude Poles show up. You can't have a classily funeral without nude Poles.

Is it considered disrespectful if you drink too much and throw up in the parking lot ?

*Snork* Annie Where-but-here

"Yes it was a great tribute to Judy. The one little hitch was getting her back through the ball return."

Cheese, the economy funeral loads your ashes into a pin. The Buddhist variety puts your ashes in a ball. After you are rolled you return.

I've always wanted my last words to be, "Damn! That was fun!"
She sounds like she was fun.

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