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December 16, 2013


Police were reportedly breaking up a fight when the crowd turned on them and one officer's scrotum was targeted.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Didn't Targeted Scrotum open for Men at Work?

Let's play two.

No level of police response except possibly flamethrowers is inappropriate when dealing with soccer fans.

(Sorry -- I'm uncharacteristically (ha!) cranky this AM. The dermatologists are chiseling pieces out of my scalp again, and I'd really rather they didn't.)

"Squirrel grip?" They're naming testicular manoeuvers after treerats???

"Marlin, he's really got a hold of that poor guy's gonads."
"Yes Jim. I believe he's using the squirrel grip popularized by the Kardashian clan."

*hops back on geezer bus*

Yes, Jeff. They are a clan of squirrel grippers. I'm surprised that soccer folks don't just do well-aimed kicks.

Somebody wanted the game balls.

why the cops become violent instead of just hosing them all down with sleeping gas, I will never know. Of course, they may be sadists who like stepping on people's heads. That would esplain the pervy uniforms....

Billb - for the conflict-resolving use of chemical weapons, I recommend a 1936 film called Things to Come. The noble Airmen use "Peace Gas" to hose down a town full of recalcitrant British folks. Worked great. If you have a high tolerance for really bad acting and writing, give it a try. (The film, not the peace gas.)

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