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December 03, 2013


Intrepid eagle steals video camera, shoots selfie in Australia

(Thanks to Jon Harris and Rich Klinzman, who says "But what he really wants to do is direct.")


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This proves that Australian eagles are bigger camera hogs than than the Kardashians. Well, OK, not bigger maybe but...

I saw Intrepid Eagle open for The Byrds.

The problem is intuitively obvious, when one sees the brand name of the item in the corner of the screen ... by definition, crapcams take crappy pix ...

Nature photography by Nature.

*Goes to follow him on Twitter*

Meanie, please don't egg him on, or he'll beak-come a birden.

Not to worry, Annie. Ho-nestly, I think I've got him raptor round my finger.

now if we could only get the see-eagle to cart Jabba the Rush out to sea.
Whet is the fat boy thinkin, you don't diss the Pope and live to tell....

Ok, so he shot his selfie in the Australia. You don't have to resort to baby talk.

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