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December 13, 2013


Collapse of the universe is closer than ever before

(Thanks to Nelson from Michigan and Ross Holley)


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Sooner or later a radical shift in the forces of the universe will cause every little particle in it to become extremely heavy.
I blame McDonald's.

I'm convinced science was invented to keep certain types away from the rest of us.

Here, Nerdy Junior, take this Higgs Boson particle and go play in the street. Mommy needs a nap.

With the weather we've been having I can believe it.

It's gonna happen ... or it won't ...

I'm glad they cleared that up ...

Snork @ NC!

Annie, did you know that Higgs Boson particles were
often confused with Higgins-Bosoms, a strange story
about man-boobs on that old 'Magnum TV show?

And the Vikings still won't have won a Superbowl.

"We do not know."

The only unquestionable assertion on the whole article.

Dang. Now I've got to convert all my carbon credits to bitcoins. Or vica-versa.

Cool! Where's the best place to watch from?

So, in summary: As time goes on, something that may or may not happen in the future gets even closer to happening or not happening. No wonder these people get such huge government grants.

Bob, the best view can be seen from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

"Collapse of the universe is closer than ever before."

Well it couldn't be farther away than it used to be, could it?

Collapse party at Dave's house!

All I know is that everything around me has been getting heavier and heavier and...
Uh oh.

The nice part is that it will bring us all closer together. No more "Dave's booksigning is SO far away!"

I'll meet you there at 5:00, Wolfie. We'll want to see the sun go down.

I can already see the tears of joy in Dave's eyes when he looks out and sees all of us on his lawn. Of course he'd also be calling 911 but that's beside the point.

oh the sun will still go down, but it will go down on top of your head, really fast!

The universe can't collapse until the two-part season finale of NBC's Grimm. After that, it can do whatever it bloody wants.

If it's gonna be a potluck at Dave's I'll bring the dip.

Dang! I had a hair appointment for that day!

Big Crunch. Mmmm, chocolatey.

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